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What is Tax Audit Representation?

Tax audit representation, also called audit defense, is a service in which a tax or legal professional stands in on behalf of a taxpayer (an individual, business, or other legal entity) during an IRS or state income tax audit.

During an income tax audit or examination, both the IRS and all 50 states allow a taxpayer to have an authorized representative. The representative must have permission to practice before the IRS or state, and specific credentials are required. IRS Enrolled Agents (EA) and Tax Attorneys specialize in the area of representing taxpayers before the IRS and other state taxing agencies.

An audit representative (us) develops the strategy used to defend the taxpayer’s position. He or she will assist the taxpayer in preparing all documents requested by the taxing authority. Audit representatives will typically attend all meetings and handle all correspondence on behalf of the taxpayer.

What do I do now?

Get Audit Representation from Tax Help

If you have received that dreaded letter notifying you that your return has been selected for an audit, do not fear! We have represented many clients in both personal and business tax audits. Even if you do not believe that you have done anything wrong and can fight the audit on your own, we don’t recommend that you attempt to represent yourself.

We will provide you with the experience and professionalism that is needed, when dealing with your IRS or state audit. For a personal audit, it is important to understand that returns are usually selected mainly for statistical reasons. When our office represents you in an audit, we act as a buffer between you and the IRS and/or State. If you are faced with an audit of your small business, it is of the utmost importance that you understand your rights before you allow the IRS or state tax agents to enter your place of business, acquire records, or even seize computers for investigation.

When you work with our Tax Help specialists, we will represent you, prepare, and position your case to allow for the best positive outcome.

Enrolled Agents (EAs) are licensed by the IRS, and as such can represent taxpayers in all 50 States.

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